ZOZ Patch 1

Heads up, Zozzers!  Some news that may be helpful to some of you:

It's possible for the emulator to crash on some systems when playing the game. If this occurs, you can use the provided ZOZ-PATCH-1 file. Unzip it to your ZOZ directory and run ZOZ-PATCH-1.BAT; then run the game as before. Any progress you have saved will be retained.

Additionally, it is possible to softlock the game if you manage to remove all cards from your deck and attempt to remove one more. This behavior has been patched out as well.


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fyi You can soft-lock the game if you go into the 'throw a card into the fire' option with no cards in your deck. As far as I can see, there's no way to get out of the menu

That is indeed true! All links are updated and PATCH-1 now contains the fix for this.